It is beyond my fragile soul To carry the burdens of this world. Too much pain hides in the confines of my heart, An ache that has no reason But still exists.

Lose Yourself in Your Soul

We are so much more than we can imagine yet our small minds do not let us reach the heights that seem like they are out of our reach. We are the product of our surroundings, only believing what is exposed to us and refusing to see what is hidden, beyond the surface of vision.

Beyond Reason

There are many letters and syllables that wish to seep out of my mouth but I am bound by the essence of love.

Love Glances

There is something in the way You effortlessly glide towards me

The Problem With Attachments

We are continuously flirting with attachments, skirting past one to the next, never taking a moment to see what they are doing to us.

5 Books To Read This Summer

If you’re looking for a quick-read whilst you travel, or while you laze around in the sun, in the holidays, these are the books to turn to.

Bottled Up Inside

A spark of light peaks through, shining blinding light. Whilst parts of her were adorned with light, the rest of her bathes in darkness.