Eternal Light

a hurricane of emotions rush through the valleys of my heart. a volcano of unsaid words remain buried deep inside threatening to erupt. not knowing why my heart has become the victim of all these emotions I rush towards the small beacon of light creeping its way in the darkness and I find You. bursting […]

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Let Your Emotions Guide You

Emotions are fickle little things. They flitter everywhere and nowhere at the same time. These emotions are majestic beings, things beyond our imagination, things we cannot control. We burst out crying or burst into laughter. We burst many times in the day, our faces contorting in joy or sadness. Either way, we are bursting due […]

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Degrees of Love

I have gained your love and lost my heart in return. I wandered across many lands in search of you and now you are finally mine. I waged wars against myself and others just so I could have you. It is only after the despair of separation that I now know the sweetness of closeness. […]

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Lose Yourself in Your Soul

We are so much more than we can imagine yet our small minds do not let us reach the heights that seem like they are out of our reach. We are the product of our surroundings, only believing what is exposed to us and refusing to see what is hidden, beyond the surface of vision. […]

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Beyond Reason

There are many letters and syllables that wish to seep out of my mouth but I am bound by the essence of love. My love for you is infinite moving beyond reason and into madness. This world is not enough to contain my madness yet I am silent. You live on my lips, a resident […]

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